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Cable NYY 3C x 2.5mm Suprame

Spectrification Cable NYY SUPREME Merk : SUPREME Tipe : NYY, Hitam Kaku Panjang : Per 1 Meter Ukuran : Isi 3, tembaga 2,5 mm
Rp 1

Grinding Wheel 4" Nippon Resibon

Deskripsi Grinding Wheel 4‚ÄĚ Nippon Resibon Ukuran : 150mm x 6mm x 22 mm Spec : A 24 S BF Speed : 72 m/s (9.100rpm) Used for : General Steel Material Made in Japan

Cable gland hawke brass nickel plated 501-453 Explosion Proof

Deskripsi Cable gland ex-proof Hawke 501/453 RAC A 1/2~3/4 inch Explosion Proof Full armored brass nickel plated.

Solenoid Valve Kaneko 110V type M15G 8N AE12PU

Deskripsi: KANEKO M15G-8N-AE12PU press.0.1 ~ 0.99MPa AC 110V / 50HZ 0.16A

Pneumatic Silencer for Solenoid Valve Steel Galvanized

Pneumatic Silencer Solenoid Valve Steel Galvanized
Customized               :Customized Number of Cylinders  :10 Type                         :Silencer Usage                       :Air transport Screwdriver, Impact Wrench, Air Drill, Grinding Machinery, Air Compressor, Air Line Work Temperature     :Normal Temperatur
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